About KAS

Who is KAS, The Innovative Teacher?

When I started teaching in 2010, my purpose was to feed myself and support my mum. So was the reason. As I began to read books later, I started having lofty dreams bigger than mere feeding my stomach and supporting my mum. The dreams pushed me to ask questions. The questions chased me to read more books and listen to people. That was how I started defining what I wanted in my life, what I wanted to achieve with my life, what impact I wanted to make in other peoples’ lives. It is until then that I understood what they said when they said that you would be the same person you are five years from now except for the books you read and the people you meet. That quote summarises my journey. In this life, if you do not define what you want, the world would pass you by and you would remain in one spot. That my ability to know what I wanted that was occasioned by the books I read is the singular most important thing that makes me do what I do today.

Today, I help people start and finish their books in six months or less; I teach people how to write even if they have never written before; I help people set goals, get clarity and help them achieve their goals. I help teachers create an alternative income stream while they maintain their teaching job.

I am no longer an average teacher. I am an Innovative Teacher. Because I have taken teaching beyond the four walls of the classroom. Because I have incorporated and inculcated real-life skills into my teaching. Because I do not only teach factorization and simultaneous equation, I also teach students how to set goals, how to live an intentional life and to be successful in both academics and life.

I train teachers today on how to be a 21st Century teacher, how to be effective in class, how to make their class more engaging and interesting.

This is me and this is what I do.

Kazeem Abolore S.

Innovative Teacher