Money Matters Monday – But I am Just a Teacher

Since the beginning of this year, I have been making at least, 100k every month. This is not part of my salary but from my side business. Even when the lockdown was hot, I was still doing at least 100k every month. But last month, August, I couldn’t. I was only able to do 78k. Let me share a breakdown of how I made it. You may pick some lessons from it.

1. I sold my e-workbook, How to Make Six Figures Every Month Selling on WhatsApp at N2,000 to a group of mothers. 17 people bought it.

2. I did a training on how to publish and profit on Amazon at N5,000 per person. It was a three days live class on Facebook

3. I did another three days training on how to be a well-known and highly paid writer at #2,000 per person. 10 people enrolled for it.

4. I had two people enrolled for my group coaching program at N5,000 each.

5. Two people seized the opportunity of pre-ordered for Teach To Influence book at N2,000.

If you sum all these together, you will arrive at N78,000. Right?

Again, this is not to be proud. I don’t do that. This is not to impress you either. But this is to impress upon you that despite being a teacher you can still make some cool money from your home even as we are still in COVID-19 period. There is money everywhere. It is you that should look for who has your money.

Let me mention again that since January of this year, I have been making at least 100k every month. This last month was the only exemption where I made N78,000. When I tell you that I know my onions, it is not by mouth.

I dedicate a whole chapter to how to monetize your knowledge or skill in the Teach to Influence book. Chapter 11 did justice to it. I shared there the different ways in which I make some few monies every month and how you too can do the same.

Pre-order for the book is on now and it is N2,500. By next month it will be N4,500 when it will be officially out. You also get the delivery for free to your doorstep.

You also get another book I am writing now, The Business of Teaching for Teachers ebook for free when you pre-order Teach to Influence. All of these for N2,500 only.

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I share the behind the scenes of the writing of the book with some group of people. If you will also like to know the work that goes on behind writing a book, you can join them. Here is the link:

My dear teacher, you can teach to influence.

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