Money Matters Monday – What Do Teachers Want? Praise, Pay or Influence?

What do teachers want?
Teachers want three things.
To be praised. To be paid. And to be recognized.
Fortunately, they can get the first and the last wherever they work.
Unfortunately, they may not get paid as they want. Getting paid as you want is solely by your own effort.
I repeat that getting paid as you want is as a result of your own personal sweat. This is why I always tell teachers to build their own economy.
Now, building your own economy is a product of two things. What you know and what you do.
Interestingly, teachers know a lot. Teachers know Physics, Economics, Mathematics, Government. Painfully, they rarely know what to do with what they know.
What do they need to do?
Turn what they already know to what can pay them. In other words, monetize their knowledge.
If you are a Physics teacher of five years at least, for instance, you should have discovered either a new method of teaching that subject or a new discovery in that subject. That is it.
I don’t know if this makes sense to you but it does to me.
Look inward and think how far you have come as a teacher, the students you have taught, those you have helped scraped through exams, the bosses you have worked with, the struggles you have had, successes you have recorded, milestones you have made. Think about them. They are all worth monetizing. This was what gave birth to my second book, The A-Z of Effective Teaching (26 Tidbits on how to move from an average teacher to an Innovative Teacher). It is the same experience that I have had in the classroom that gave birth to my third book, The Power of Attitude in Teaching.
One of the easiest, fastest and most profitable ways to monetize your experience in the classroom is through writing a book. I say this for two reasons amongst many other reasons.
One, you are a teacher already. Writing a book is in line with your work. It complements it.
Two, writing a book is a means to other bountiful opportunities.
I dedicate a whole chapter one monetizing your experience in Teach to Influence book. I explained in it the different opportunities that writing a book can get you. I shared in the chapter how I have turned my book, The Power of Attitude in Teaching, to a money-vomiting machine. That chapter is the longest in the book.
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