How I Sold a Product to 103 people in Three Months as a Teacher and How You Too Can

You know I am a teacher and when I do a thing and got result with it and even tried it with other people, I share it with people, teachers especially. This is one of such.


So, between April and June, I sold my premium course, The ABC of Creating Your First Online Course, to 103 people. Now, I want you to do a small calculation. I know you don’t like maths but this is going to be a very simple one that you can do.

Imagine the course is N1,000. Multiply N1,000 by 103. That will give you how much?

Now, imagine if the course is N2,000. Multiply that by 103 people. How much did you get?

Now, the price of the course is more than N2,000.

I leave you with the calculation of the rest.

The sweet part of it is that I didn’t spend a dime on ads to sell these 103 pieces. I did everything on WhatsApp.

I will keep saying that WhatsApp is a great platform to start with especially if you are a shy person like me. However, you should always aim higher.

I use these simple three steps to record these sales within three months. I am going to share the three steps with you so that you can do the same. Even if you do not record 103 sales in three months, you may do closer to that. And who says you can’t do more?

Let’s go.

Step One: I met WhatsApp Group Admins.

The first step I took was to list the WhatsApp Groups I belong to and identified the ones that their interests are related to the course, The ABC of Creating Your First Online Course.

I also ensured that I have a good rapport with the Admin. I am a person that digs my well before I am thirsty. I have built a relationship with the admins before.

So I met the Admins and told them that I have training that will be useful to the members of their groups and also add to the value of the group. I share with them that the training will help the members to create their first online course in seven days, which of course is the truth. Eight out of ten Admins agreed. That’s the first step.

Step Two: I worked on the training lecture and delivered a value-laden training on the Whatsapp Group. I shared the What and Why of creating an online course. I also shared the theoretical part of creating an online course. I ensured that the free training is so valuable that they will be wowed why the training was free. Even if they didn’t go beyond that free training, they will still gain more. This was the second step.

Step Three: After the training, I then offer an irresistible offer with a discount that is jaw breaking. This is where I introduced my course, The ABC of Creating Your First Online Course. I also add my other course and other resources to the offer that makes the offer irresistible. In a group, I have gotten as much as 20 sales. Some other times it is less. But one thing is certain: I always make sales.

Do you know the sweetest part?

Many of these people have even bought my other products whose cost are even higher than the online course creation course.

These are the simple three steps that I used to sell 103 pieces of the course within three months.

Can you do these for your product or service? YES. Follow these simple steps:

1. Identify the groups whose interest is related to your product or service.

2. Identify trainings you can do that is related to your product or service.

3. Talk to the group admins and offer to do free training. Let them know that you have an offer to make after the group training and mention the benefits. If he/she demands a cut, give a reasonable percentage. No free launch even in Freetown.

4. Do the free training that will be valuable and they will wonder why it is free. Don’t hold anything back.

5. Offer an irresistible offer plus discounts and corollaries. Then count your money.

This is what you can do even in this week.

Let me have your feedback if this helps you.

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