Money Matters Monday – The Secrets to Making 6 Figures Through Whatsapp As a Teacher

WhatsApp is a social media and messaging platform that allows people from different parts of the world to interact via text, voice note, video call, or voice call.


To an average person, Whatsapp is another messaging platform to socialize. To a business-minded and savvy person, however, it is a platform to make as much money as possible offering products and services.


In the last one year, as a teacher, I have turned my Whatsapp to my mobile shop where I sell online courses, trainings, ebooks, hard copies of my book, coach, and do other wonderful things. I have made multiple six figures using Whatsapp as the platform. I have used Whatsapp to turn strangers to loyal clients and customers. I have used Whatsapp to seek for online polls, nominations, and votes for online contestants. I have done amazing things on WhatsApp so much that I even created a workbook on how to make 6 figures every month on Whatsapp. These are a few of the many wonderful things I have done using Whatsapp. You too can do the same and maybe more exciting things. I will show you how.


Yes, a small market place but it can be a good place to close sales and seal deals as I have used to seal a 6 figure public speaking offer.


Let me show some jaw-dropping statistics about WhatsApp with you.


Globally, there are over 1.5 billion people using Whatsapp as at present this is according to This makes Whatsapp the most popular mobile messenger worldwide.


In Nigeria, according to the Global State of Digital, 20 million (85%) people are using Whatsapp in Nigeria out of the 24 million internet users. That’s a huge number.


Three years ago when I first put my leg into selling online, it was a bitter experience that I don’t like remembering. I had hope, like many people I saw did, I will make lots of money when I put my product up for sale. I even prided my wife before leaving home that morning that I was going to make a lot of money that day.


Long story cut short, I didn’t make a dime that day. I kept on checking my phone time and again if I would see a credit alert. It was embarrassingly disgusting.


Thank God for the kind of wife I have. She understood.


Three years down the lane, I have earned multiple 6 figures via Whatsapp.


The things I have done with Whatsapp in the last one year as a teacher and a half alone can only be imagined. I literally turned my Whatsapp to a money-making office. Aside from Facebook, my most used and most profitable app is Whatsapp.


In the last one year, I have earned 7 figures as a teacher, the majority of it done on Whatsapp. I close sales on Whatsapp. I do six figures every month on Whatsapp.

Three years after that awful experience, I know better. I know that there is more to selling online than just stacking your goods or services to people’s face online.

I know now that there is what you need to do before, during, and after putting your goods out there.

I know now that making sales online is not by mistake. If someone is going to buy your goods or services, it will not happen by chance.

In the next couple of days, I will be sharing with you some proven marketing and selling secrets that I have used to make sales online, especially, on Whatsapp since Whatsapp is the new Supermarket.


Keep tabs on.


Kazeem Abolore

The Innovative Teacher

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