6 Figures Income by a Teacher is Not a Fable. This is How it is Done

Last weekend, Saturday and Sunday, I did a free WhatsApp training for people on the ABC of writing a book. It was a ten lessons class that simplified the steps of writing a book from no idea to finishing a book. Some of the participants who came idea less already had two to three book ideas at the end of the day one. By the end of day two, some of them had outlined their book and were about to proceed to the next stage of writing. It was amazing.


On the night of the second day, a thought crossed my mind about the training. As I always do when a thought sneaks into my mind, I documented it into my diary and had it on my mind till I slept. First thing on the following morning, I started working on it and before the day was over, the project was completely done.


What was the thought and what is the project?


I thought, “I can convert these texts, audios, pictures I used for this training into a document and then turn the document into a book”. I then thought further, “This is the same training I have been doing for free and I have to be typing and recording it each time I want to teach it. It will save me time and energy to just put it together in a book format and then keep it for another time I wish to do free training for another set of people”. And then, finally, I said to myself, “It will even serve as a handbook for the training participants and reference should I decide to give them free”.


Boom! I concluded I was going to turn it into a book. And in the next 24 hours, I applied my Canva skill and it is an already made soup with orisirisi meats and fishes.


Now, if I choose to sell the book which is my intellectual property for, say, #2000 for the training participants with a special password for each person, there are about 20 people who attended, I would rake in about #40,000. Let’s factor in the fact that not all of them would buy. Fifty percent of them amounting to #20,000 is not bad to make in 24 hours for a teacher like me.

I could repeat that process over three weekends and make N60,000 more. That is not going to be hard for me because I already know how it works and can keep improving on it. Because I prefer to set worst-case scenario, let’s say I only record half of that figure, that will amount to N30,000. That makes it N50,000 in a month. That is still not bad for a teacher.


If I did that, then I can as well do a webinar or a WhatsApp training and tag it, “How I made #20,000 in 24 hours using my phone and doing what I ordinarily do for free”. If I charge the participants #2,000 per person and only 10 persons sign up, that’s another #20,000 in just a night. All of these could be done in the first week of the following month.


Now, I had sold a book (which I converted from a training I did) and then sold another product. I could do a crazy offer and offer a never-like-it deal, stack the two products together and offer a flash sale at a giveaway price of N1,000 over 24 hours. This still may not do well. If 20 people get it, that’s N20,000 in 24 hours.


If I repeat this process in the next two months, I would have made 6 figures by just writing a book, doing a webinar, and offering a flash sale.

Sweet? Yes.

Great? Yes.

Do you now see that when they said it is possible to make 6-7 figures as a teacher, it is truly possible? One of my teachers would say, “Money is everywhere. Just follow who knows the road.”


But this is not possible if you do not have content. This is not possible if you do not have the right audience. This is not going to be possible if you do not have a platform. This is not going to be possible if you do not know how to sell.


Now, I have taken time to put together for you how to get content. I also gathered in one place how to get the right audience. I also did extra work on the platform you can use. I did the work for you to even explain in simple detail how to sell even if you are a shy person. All of these all DFY (Done For You). Just learn it and apply it. Even if you are a Primary Two pupil, you can do this.


Now, because I know people only like to feel pained but are not ready to take action, I will only release this if you show interest. If you do not show interest I will keep my thing and be using it for myself to rake in 6 figures month in month out.


If you are really interested in knowing how to get content that sells, how to get your own ready audience, how to choose the right platform, how to sell like a professional, click on the link below and send “I am ready” to the number when you are redirected and I will take it up.


I want only serious people who are tired of unpaid salary for four months. I want only action takers and not thinkers. If you are not ready to be ruthless, please, don’t bother to come. Here is the link. Send “I am ready” and add you to the group straight.


See you on the inside.

I am Kazeem Abolore, The Innovative Teacher

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