How I Manage to Do Many Things and Post Regularly on Social Media Despite Being a Teacher

“How do you get time to post all the time despite having a job, teaching for that matter?”


“How do you manage to do many things despite being a teacher?”


People get to ask me these questions many times in my inbox. They are amazed that despite being a Mathematics teacher of a government-owned school, that is usually highly populated and short-staffed, how do I manage to have time for social media, my website, my business and other personal matters. I cannot possibly answer this question in just one minute, hence I decided to write a blog post on it. Perhaps, you are one of the people who had asked me that question or you didn’t ask me but you have been pondering on how I do it. Here is the answer to it.


Me: First, which is most important, I use to-do list every day and in fact, I write my to-do list the night before. I don’t go out of this list except of course for an emergency which equally means I will add it to do list. This is my #1 secret and the most potent of all.


The day I am least productive is the day I don’t work with my to-do list. Not all the days that I do everything on my to-do list but the ones I don’t do, I carry it over to the next day as a “Carry over” task.


So, in effect, I include writing a post in my to-do list. If I don’t include it, I rarely post.


In essence, the to-do list is my number one time management strategy. As simple as that. As simple as that could sound, it is a life-saver and a time-manager. I advise you to start making use of a to-do list henceforth. You will thank me for it.


Apart from having a to-do list in which I include writing an article in it and ensuring I work with it, another thing that helps me engage well on social media and have time for other things is that I teach in a secondary school. As a result, I don’t stay in the classroom all the hours of the day.


I have an average of three periods per day out of the eight periods. Thank goodness I teach in a less populated school that has one arm of each class. This makes my workload less. This equally means that I have about five periods to myself which I can use part to do some other school works (I am literally and unofficially the IT guy of my school), use part to gist and part to write the article I have noted down in my to-do list.


There are however days, weeks and even terms that I take up other subjects because of the shortage of teachers. This is caused by the small population we have. Plus or minus, I will still have not less than 2-3 periods for myself.


The third and final factor is this – and this you will be reading it the first time: I write my articles days before the day I post it. Take, for instance, the 7 days Teachers Attitude Challenge articles, all except one have been written already even before the day. Hence, on the days, I just copied and pasted them here. I am planning to do a 10-day goal setting challenge for teachers next week, the contents are almost all ready. Same with most other posts.


You remember I mentioned having a to-do list as my most potent and #1 secret, there are days I schedule for writing articles. On those days, mostly weekends and public holidays, I write 3-4 articles as the inspiration comes. I have a place on phone I write and save them. I can write halfway, stop and then continue later. I also write OCCASIONALLY at nights.

I do write spontaneously – like this one – but rare.


So when next you see my posts, I have most likely written it somewhere before that day and just handpicked it that day and post.


Shebi I be teacher nah and that must reflect in my life and how I do things.


Did you learn anything from this?

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Kazeem Abolore
The Innovative Teacher

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  1. Salako Adedotun Raheemat

    It’s a good practice u have imbedded in yourself, it’s even better u shared to help others achieve and improve on there life

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