Do you know that there is but one habit that makes successful teacher stand tall from the rest of the teachers?


Do you know that there is only one thing that differentiates successful people from the unsuccessful?

Why do two people have exactly the same experience but have divergence views? Who do two people have the same circumstances and while one seizes it to turn his life around, the other sees it as a failure?
That thing is not only a difference-maker but also a distinguishing success factor. It is ATTITUDE.
I present to you, the 7-Days Teachers Attitude Challenge Exercise.
It is a 7-day exercise to uninstall some fruitless mindsets you had developed over the years and install a new and fruitful mindset into you.
Every day, we share the attitude challenge for the day and we encourage our self to go out to our schools and classes for the day with that particular attitude.
We do this from Sunday 6th January to Saturday 12th January.
Which will be posted daily in the Innovative Teachers’ Network Facebook group 
If there is only one thing you need to work on as a teacher, I bet you, it is your attitude – the mirror through which you view happenings around you.
This is even more as we begin a fresh term in a new year.
It is the attitude.
Whatever you want to achieve this year, you need to first of, work on your attitude. And it is against this background that we have come with the Teachers Attitude Challenge specifically to help teachers shift their attention from a problem seeing one to an opportunity seeling one.
This could be the life-changing exercise you need to turn your life and your teaching career around
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer


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