How To Get Easily Noticed And Achieve Greatness As A Teacher or Whatever You Do

I once went for a job interview and the message read that we should come with our curriculum vitae. I had learned in a seminar that we should spiral bind our CV in a colourful brand when attending interviews. I, therefore, utilized that information and went with a spiral-bound CV. The first thing the interviewer noticed was that my CV was different. She confessed that she loved it because it was unlike others and I can still vividly remember that the woman put it in a separate place for easy identification and maybe preference.


Someone asked me how I could have written three books, become well-known and even train teachers within the space of two years. There are many things that contribute to what you see today. Is it a series of training I paid and still pay for that I want to talk about or the books I buy every month or the free training I do for people and schools. Providing one single answer could be hazardous. However, I have ten words that underline everything I do in my career and most especially my outlook about life. The ten words go thus: Always do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.


In my life and career, I have learnt not to flow with the crowd. I have learnt to arrange when others complain. I appreciate when others lament. I tell people that everything teachers complain about I have turned around for myself and created opportunity from. I do what everyone is not willing to do and then achieve what others want to achieve.


When teachers complain about low pay, I agree. I then use the pain of lowly salary as a drive to create alternative income streams that would not affect my teaching. So instead of complaining, I turn it around and find something good in it.


You cannot achieve greatness by doing what everyone else does. Always do the opposite of it. It is crazy, unconventional and they would call you names. But if you know what you are doing, they will come back to ask you how you did it. That craziness will separate you from the rest which will eventually make you a standout.


Why do what every other teacher is doing? Why do the same thing the same way and expecting a different result? It does no one any good to be like others. Work when others are playing. Save when others are spending. Keep fit when others are sleeping. Stand when others sit and sit when others stand. Appreciate when others complain. Always do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.


Be more than a teacher. Be innovative.


Kazeem Abolore S (KAS)

The Innovative Teacher

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