How to Win The Heart of Your Employer This New Session – Part 2

In part 1 of this post, I did mention that one of the best and costliest means to win the heart of your boss in this new session is to buy land in his/her head. By that, I meant you should ask for his/her vision for the school, what his goal for the school is. Let me mention here that, in my almost ten years in this profession at different capacities (Class teacher, subject teacher, Headteacher), I have found that it is even easier to win the heart of an opposite-sex boss than the same-sex boss. That is not to say you can’t win the heart of the same sex box. I have worked with a male boss (my first boss) and till this moment, we are still good friends.

That said, one act that you cannot take away from human generally and teachers, in particular, is, wait for it, complaining. They complain about resumption time, they complain about closing time, they complain about parents, about pupils, about the school, about the curriculum, about lesson notes, about government, about virtually everything. Since the years that they have been complaining, we have not heard that what they complain about has left. Instead, we have more of it.

Don’t you think that what you complained about the last session that didn’t go is a pointer that it is one of life’s worry that can’t change? My teacher will say “It will rain. You can’t stop it. Your complaining will not stop raining. It is you that you should get an umbrella”. Similarly, those things you complain about endlessly will not stop appearing. It is you that you should find a way around it.

What am I saying in essence, to win the heart of your boss this new session, complain less and arrange more. Please, mind my use of words. I didn’t say you should never complain as that would be deceiving myself. Rather, I said, “COMPLAIN LESS AND ARRANGE MORE”.




Why should you complain less and arrange more? One, I have said it earlier that since the day you have been complaining, it has not changed anything. Instead, it worsened it. Two, it is said that the more you complain about a thing, the more of it you have.

Finally, I want to paint a picture and want you to be honest with it.

You are a leader in an organization. There is a crisis. Everyone is brooding but one person. He seems not to be perturbed, not because he is not concerned but because he doesn’t see a solution in the brooding. Instead, he suggests a way out. He chooses the rare toll path of positivity. What would become of you about that person when done over time? Remember, I said you should be honest. You will most likely develop a love for him/her. You will place him above others. He will likely become your favourite staff. That is the same thing that will happen to you when you COMPLAIN LESS AND ARRANGE MORE in this new session.

“If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.” – Anthony D’Angelo

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