How to Win The Heart of Your Employer This New Session – Part 1

So you have resumed the new session. Work has started as it was the last session. Your always nagging boss has picked up his/her nagging from where she left it last session. You too, the always grumbling employee has resumed to your never-minding class. You both resumed with no difference in attitude.

Don’t you think you need to win the heart of your principal? There are many benefits accrued to winning the heart of your boss. I won’t delve too much into that because that’s not the purpose of this article. Suffice to say about the advantages of winning the heart of your boss however is that you be the favourite of your boss. Being one’s favourite especially the boss’ no be beans.

School owners, have you not thought about how to gain the loyalty of your staff too? I will talk more on how to win their loyalty on a later day. Then and there, I will talk about the benefits as well.

So how do you win the heart of your employer in this new session?

Let me begin by saying that the sole purpose why someone employed you in his/her organization is their belief in you to help them achieve their long and short term goal. They didn’t employ you because you need a job. They did because they want you to be part of their success story years to come. Support them in achieving this goal by asking at this new session their personal/school goal.

They told us in “school” that we grow by helping others to grow. They did also teach us that we can’t be successful in isolation. We all need someone. Acquaint yourself with the goal of the school and helping them to deliver it should be part of your work.

Imagine yourself as a boss and staff of yours walks up to you and asks you, “Sir, I will like to know your long term goal for this organization. I want to be driven by it”. How would you feel about that staff? The same way your boss will feel about you.

My teacher, John Obidi did talk about how to get help from people. He said, “Buy lands in people heads”. One of the easiest and costliest ways of buying lands in people’s heads is asking about their goal.

If this is the only thing you can do this term, you would thank me for it later.

I have a few more ways to talk about. I will share them in the coming days, God willing. For now, go ask your boss the organizational goal of where you work.

Be more than a teacher. Be innovative.


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