How To Make The Best Out of the Second Half of the Term

It is the second half of the first term and by this, you have about 5 weeks before the 2-3 weeks December-January vacation.

Between now and the vacation week, you have final tests to conduct, the revision to be done, exam to be conducted, not forgetting the remaining one or two topics to teach from the diary of work.
If you are in a government school, you will also likely do Inter-House Sport. If in private school, preparation for Carol, End of The Year Party etc will take high gear at this point. Some schools would start decorating their school with Red and Green as soon as possible. They are all pointing to one thing: Christmas is here, the holiday is coming.

From experience, the weeks after Midterm break is most times passive and psychologically everyone, including the students are looking forward to the holiday. Now you have two things to compete with: the longing of the holiday which is orchestrated by the Christmas/New Year merriment and the attention of the students to keep still till the last day.

Here are a few tips to achieve the end goal of the term while you and your students prepare for the holiday and festival.

1. Round up your lessons between this and next week. By the end of November, the atmosphere would be filled with “Keresimesi” smell. Little or no concentration will be in class.

2. Keep class works less and homework/assignments moderate at this time.

3. If you can and where it is practicable, let the remaining work in the diary be activity-based. The students would think they are playing whereas they are actually learning.

4. The last assessment can be a group assignment to lessen the burden of marking 50 scripts or even more.

5. And lastly, update and complete statutory records. Register, Diary, etc.

With these few tips, I believe you will make the most of the second half of the term and still finish your work.
Kazeem Abolore is my name and I am an Innovative Teacher.

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